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We are a faith-based nonprofit dedicated to providing Biblical, affordable counseling and resources. We exist to help people experience healthy, life-giving relationships with God, themselves and others.

Characteristics of a Healthy Family

  • They communicate and listen.
  • Rules and expectations are clearly articulated.
  • They affirm and support each other.
  • Children are enjoyed.
  • They teach respect for others.
  • Feelings are considered valid and useful.
  • Responsibility and accountability are emphasized.
  • They have a shared religious core.

Traits of a healthy stepfamily

  • The stepparent role is well-defined
  • Children feel safe and centered
  • A healthy parenting role is in place
  • Individual needs are valued and met
  • Insider/outsider issues are being addressed
  • Movement between families is fluid
  • Issues around grief and loss have been addressed
  • Old traditions are honored as new traditions are being created
  • The marriage relationship is nurtured
  • The family has a strong spiritual dimension emphasizing grace, love and acceptance

Healthy Relationships

God designed you for relationships. He wants those relationships to reflect His character and the life He desires for you- love, joy, peace, compassion, faithfulness, mercy, trust, hope and grace. God also designed you for community, a place to be nurtured and equipped to fulfill His call for your life. Healthy, authentic relationships happen best in the context of community. You cannot be part of a healthy relationship if you are not spiritually, relationally and emotionally healthy. God is for you and He is a God of second chances. He looks far more at where you are and where you are going than where you have been.

Ways to become a healthy single

  • Live life in the present
  • Embrace and resolve issues from the past
  • Learn to effectively express your feelings and needs
  • Identify and address unhealthy behavior or relationship patterns
  • Develop healthy boundaries, especially around sexuality
  • Become an active part of a spiritual community
  • Commit to being accountable for your actions and attitudes
  • Actively build five-facet friendships
  • Seek to follow Jesus well

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