We have 40-years of experience working from a Biblical perspective with diverse emotional, spiritual, and relational issues. In that time we have served hundreds of individuals, couples, families, step-families, singles and single parents. Our purpose is to help create vital life-enhancing relationships characterized by authenticity (knowing and embracing who you are), disclosure (ability to reveal your true self to another) and servanthood (serving others vs. serving yourself).


Our approach is Biblical, relational and solution-focused offered in a safe and confidential environment. We listen and can assist you in achieving your goals and removing the roadblocks to a happier, healthier life. Fees are by donation.

Marriage Counseling

Marriage counseling helps couples recognize and resolve conflicts, improve their relationship skills and make thoughtful decisions about rebuilding their relationship. Our focus is on helping couples identify the fears underlying their conflicts, learn how to express their needs and feelings in healthy ways and understand how to nourish one another.

Marriage & Remarriage Preparation and Weddings

Marriage Preparation

Our goal is to prepare couples for a lifetime marriage and we do so by utilizing the latest marriage preparation tools and assessments, including a free Before I Do workbook.

Remarriage Preparation

Remarriage is uniquely different from first-time marriage. Our program, Preparing for Remarriage, contains the necessary information and tools to equip you for a successful remarriage. Our remarriage program includes:

  • Help identifying and resolving the main causes of remarriage failure: unresolved issues, unrealistic expectations, and inaccurate information
  • Expert advice on remarriage and stepfamily life
  • Biblical teaching and practical, relevant information
  • The latest premarital assessments
  • A copy of our workbook, Preparing for Remarriage   

Having prepared hundreds of couples for marriage, you can be sure that our program will help you begin your marriage with confidence.


Dr. Jeff is also an ordained minister who has performed numerous weddings over the past decade.

Healthy Relationships Program

Healthy people create healthy relationships. Getting healthy- spiritually, emotionally, and relationally can be challenging if one is plagued by past hurts, unresolved issues, or unsuccessful relationships. Utilizing the latest research and materials like our best-selling workbook, Developing Healthy Relationships, we can help you resolve your past, change your relational patterns, and achieve healthier, more successful relationships.

Helping Stepfamilies Thrive

We understand stepfamilies.

Stepfamilies face some unique challenges such as expectations that are often unrealistic, differing parenting styles, unresolved issues from a prior marriage, finding a healthy stepparent role, children with diverse needs, former spouses, and the list goes on. Our How to Succeed as a Stepfamily program provides practical research and experienced-based solutions for these and other challenges.

Scheduling an Appointment

We are available for daytime and evening counseling appointments including Saturdays. All fees are by donation. Call 970-624-6831 or email us here.

We also offer seminars and workshops on a variety of topics; our most popular include:

  • How to Succeed as a Stepfamily
  • Marriages Good to Great
  • Developing Healthy Relationships (for singles and single parents)
  • Preparing for Remarriage
  • Marriage 911
  • Through a Child’s Eyes (understanding the challenges of children of divorce)
  • Thirsty People Sitting a Wells (how to effectively minister to step families)

Call or email for a complete list: 970-624-6831 or Click here to email us

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