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Tips for thesis defense: presentation

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Stock up on chamomile tea. That’s really – 6 months to write enough more than with the head, and you already start to panic. No need to be nervous, because many students actually manage to write a diploma a week before delivery. Besides, why worry when behind is always a reliable safety net , which at any moment can shift your task on her shoulders?

What a way to start graduation, and the end: be quiet!


To cope with uncontrollable excitement help many substances, but the most secure of them – pharmacy Daisy. The infusion of this weed (or adding it to regular tea) calms the nervous system and does not do anything stupid.

Presentation: the simpler the better. Content really plays a huge role – it’s a fact. None of the Commission will not read the diploma on the protection, and that to save time they need your presentation, which will show how well you learned the material. However, it is not necessary to bother about beautiful background, lovely carcinogen or spraying a special smell during the presentation. Such “special effects” takes a lot of time and effort from the student, the AU Commission will not cause those emotions, which you expect from them.

The simpler the explanation the better


The less bright presentation, the better. It should not distract from the topic, must answer the questions. The main part of the presentation should consist of graphs and charts – visual content for better absorption which was created this technique (presentation).

Arrange yourself sample. You need to produce the desired rate of speech. It needs to be quick, and that the Commission may have misunderstood something and begin to ask further questions, but not slow, otherwise the Commission will quickly get bored, you stop to listen and then start asking you questions. And the us does not need it.

Diploma at the University — as a performance on the stage. Be confident and calm and you will succeed.


Try to suppress all attempts of the members of the Commission begin to ask you more questions. Politely hint that this is a designated time, which you will gladly give answers to your questions.

The right choice of Manager minus a hundred questions. The more competent and influential leader of the thesis you select, the fewer questions will come to you during graduation. The fact that the authority your supervisor has an effect not only on students before graduation, but also on his colleagues. Members of the Commission just to be sure that this person is well briefed you with any issues that may arise in their minds, so don’t waste precious time and just let you go in peace.

It would be nice to join the authority of the teacher before graduation


In the protection or during answers to questions don’t be afraid as a shield to use the authority of your teachers and your supposedly close and fruitful scientific work. Use of the phrase “long head”, “head”, etc. Such expressions make to associate your work with the work of your Director, and then with you. As a guarantee of good grades.

The clothes are marvelous and the gift of gab. Decent clothes (clean white shirt, ironed business suit, washed and carefully styled hair) help create a good relationship to you of members of the Commission even before graduation. And even if you do not have a diploma, always confidently answer any questions. Let the answer be incorrect, even though you don’t know what it is about in principle – pour water or die! Because silence is such a small death of my diploma…

Well, who can fill up the thesis defense when the student is handsome?!


Numerous experiments proved the influence of the formal style of clothing to others. Once you wear a formal and simple clothes, people will automatically begin to obey you. It would be a sin not to use it to his advantage to protect the diploma at the University, isn’t it?

Fresh air – fresh head. On the eve before graduation be sure to spend as much time as possible outdoors. No meetings with friends in a smoky pub! No alcohol and increased physical activity! Walks in the fresh air and healthy sleep, and anything that needs your brain before brilliant performance.

The feeling when a diploma, it’s like a breath of fresh air

Can you fill up on the protection of the diploma? May, but most members of the Commission is absolutely what nick – they’re all 5 years of training I watched you in the University and know what you can do. Your task is just not to give them too much reason to do it. Read more about how beautiful it is to take notes you can read in the review article.

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